Spark Empathy.

Ignite Growth.

Empathy (n). The untapped reservoir of competitive advantage your business needs today.

Everything we do in business is centered around people.

Every business transaction is a symphony of emotions that go on between you, your teams, your partners, and your customers. These emotions are critical pieces of information.

They tell us what really matters

They shape systems at our workplace

They direct the outcome of our strategies

Each year businesses are losing 600 Bn dollars because of a lack of empathy. Don’t be one of them.

Tap into the power of empathy to boost business value and amplify growth.

Empathy Spark Can Get You Started.

At Empathy Spark, we are committed to foster empathy to build human-centered products, services, and experiences

Our Sparks (n). The nudges you need to get your business set up for success.

What makes us a partner of choice?

Our Experience

We have been there.

30+ years of working experience in corporates has taught us lessons you can trust.

We hear you.

We have diverse on-the-job experiences across business functions, we get you.

We know what it takes.

Our 100+ customers & partners believe it.

Our Expertise

We have delivered on innovation

We have executed large scale innovation projects and facilitated workshops as employees as well as consultants.

We have coached at all levels

We have coached leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, individual contributors, interns and students.

We are certified practitioners

We are lifelong learners with years of deep training in human-centered design and emotional intelligence.

What people are saying?

We have sparked 40+ business projects, 50+ leaders, and teams of 100+ employees in Fortune 500 companies​

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