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About Us

At Empathy Spark, we are committed to foster empathy to build human-centered products, services, and experiences.

Empathy is a hard skill needed to do business but empathizing is challenging  without the right tools. This is what our years of deep exploration and professional application has taught us. 

A visibly growing void between empathy and business outcomes led to the birth of  Empathy Spark. 

Empathy Spark. (V)

A collective of passionate people who bring businesses closer to their people- customers, employees, partners - and build competitive advantage.

Empathy isn’t acquired in a standard training or two. It is best understood when we merge the art and science of this skill. This is what we are all about. 

Years ago, we got a spark. Walking outside our homes, we were tasked to identify a customer segment’s needs and wants. The initial reaction was that we may not be able to get access to the segment without influence. However, as our focus on this segment increased, we started seeing them everywhere around us. They were there all this time, speaking to us about their needs, indicating their wants – but we weren’t hearing them. When we did, we unlocked new business opportunities and also identified new markets. That was the beginning of our journey with empathy. 

This journey changed us and our careers forever. We met our customer segments where we didn’t expect them to be, we understood our leadership’s strategy with a completely new lens, we worked with our colleagues with a perspective we never had before, and we partnered with our stakeholders with revived energies. For us, this was magical. 

As leaders began to see the difference we brought to our initiatives, they asked us to coach them and their teams. To be able to impart this skill was a deeply meaningful and fulfilling  experience. However, we could hear a lot of noise from people across corporates about business issues that could be solved with empathy. So we decided to be of service. 

Welcome to Empathy Spark.

We are a

Collective of Business Empaths

Empathy is a trait that begins with a mindset and  gets imbibed with practice…We are a group of like-minded professionals who found in common our passion for empathetic applications to business.  

From decision makers to users, we have run projects addressing a diverse set of customers across industries.  We have helped redefine portfolios, sales processes, delivery models, solution designs, customer success models, reporting mechanisms, and employee experiences. 

Our diverse experience and accomplishments are widely recognized by our peers. 

We have serviced