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Conversions Increase By 60% With Human-Centered Design

Industry: Non-Profit | Region: Global | Client: Rock Your Life | Partner: Do Good Here

The challenge

How might we design a donor experience for Rock Your Life to attract recurring online donations?

The outcome

Rock Your Life online donations increased by 60% post our intervention.


Empathy Maps

Principle: What matters?

Intervention: Generating empathetic insights

Outcome: Discovered customer value points and pain points

I loved the structured process, the very clear moderation and also the insights. It was always an experience that went by so fast. Also liked the check-ins and little energizers.


Journey Maps

Principle: What happens?

Intervention: Visualization

Outcome: Uncovered gaps and blind spots

It is not just a feeling that our digital donation process is not attractive, it is a fact. I loved doing the actual donor journey and also finding out about his/her emotions during this process”.


Ideation Exercises

Principle: What could be?

Intervention: Creative nudges & storyboarding

Outcome: Collectively designed the future experience

I always felt very welcoming, that I could share any thought or opinion and that we still were very focused to keep going. I felt very productive. And I had fun!


Service Design

Principle: What ‘s needed?

Intervention: Blueprinting and commitments

Outcome: Clear goals, buy-ins, and next steps

We are very happy with our new fundraising strategy…I realized that we are still thinking pretty limited in our thoughts and approaches. I enjoyed the experience that you as facilitators brought with you and always felt “safe” that you know what you do and that we will have a good result in the end.


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