Covid19 Workshop

Conquering the New Normal™
A Workshop for Your Teams

In these trying times, we have been receiving a lot of insights on how the magnitude of change in the current situation is forcing everyone to move away from their comfort zones and adapt to a new normal in a very short span of time. 

To be of service, we have designed a customized module on ‘Conquering The New Normal’. A customized workshop that helps navigate ambiguity and provides a framework to create a future beyond the pandemic.

This workshop is for you if you: 

  • Are looking for ways to better solve customer challenges 
  • Are trying to navigate work but feel surrounded with uncertainties
  • Are worried how to manage your leaders and lead teams through the current change


What our attendees liked so far: 

  • Easy-to-apply frameworks 
  • Relatable situations
  • Interactive workshop experience

Write to us if you would like to run this workshop for your teams

*We have a cap on the number of workshops and attendees

In light of COVID19, all our interventions are held through Zoom

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What people are saying

The session was quite good. The best part was empathy listening...(framework name hidden) was also takes time to change the behavior.
It was enlightening and quite relaxing activities which give one a chance to take a look inside oneself.
Excellent program...Top takeaways: (framework name hidden) - application in family and professional life.
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